This feature contains materials designed to support the student learning process and includes a variety of formats, ranging from text, images, audio, video, to interactive simulations.


The exploration feature allows students to explore learning topics more deeply and interactively. With this feature, students can develop their skills of problem-solving and critical thinking.


This feature allows interaction between students in an online platform discuss, share information, collaborate with peers and deepen understanding of the subject matter


This feature allows teachers to create different types of exams such as multiple choice and others. It also enables teachers to track student progress periodically throughout the learning period.


Learning Algorithm Programming

LEAPS is a Learning Management System that will help you learn Algorithms and Programming. It offers various features that you can use, including learning content, exploration, assessment, and collaboration. This allows you to discuss, share information, and collaborate with friends seamlessly. The system provides various conveniences and advantages that help students understand the subject matter and improve critical thinking skills.

LEAPS will provide a interactive learning experience. Embrace the future of education with LEAPS, where your success in algorithms and programming is our mission.


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